3 Reasons to Consider a Pre-Sale Home Improvement Service

3 Reasons to Consider a Pre-Sale Home Improvement Service

When it comes time to sell a house you own–whether you have lived there rented it, or inherited it from a relative–naturally, you want to make sure you get the best price possible. Most realtors and experienced sellers will tell you that the key to a great sale price is cosmetic improvements before listing the home. A fresh layer of paint, updated tile, and minor repairs of scuffs and cracks might be all it takes to add several thousand dollars to your final sale price. With updated appliances and a few enhancing touches that make even an empty home glow welcomingly, your house could fly off the market for a much higher price than you expected.

But to get there, you’ll need to plan for home improvement. A home in great shape may only need a fresh coat of paint and a few maintenance tune-ups. Or your house may need notable repairs or renovations. Of course, not everyone knows which are the right upgrades and renovations to make. That is why there are many real estate seller services. There are painters, stagers, agents, and construction contractors. One particularly tailor-made service is called a Pre-Sale Home Improvement service. These are home selling specialists who can handle attractive, affordable improvements from beginning to end, ensuring the results you’re looking for.

What is a Pre-Sale Home Improvement Service?

Most home sellers haven’t heard of Pre-Sale services, but these are essentially home improvement specialists who work much the same way a real estate agent does. They invest time and effort into preparing your home to sell for the best possible price and only ask for payment after your home sells. Just like a real estate agent, only with paint and repairs instead of marketing and open house events. And compared to selling as-is or paying a normal contractor for improvements before the sell, sellers have a great deal to gain from working with a Pre-Sale Home Improvement Service. Here are our top three reasons we’re sure you’ll agree with:

  • Cosmetic Updates
  • Invested In Your Sale
  • No Impact on Savings


1) Cosmetic Updates Increase Your Final Sale Price

There is no denying that in the housing market, a few cosmetic updates can make a huge difference. The same home before and after improvements can have a wildly different impression on buyers. Discoloration, scuffs, and even very minor damage will make a buyer feel like the home is old. But a new coat of paint, updated colors, and new appliances will make a home feel brand-new and incredibly welcoming. Not only do improvements offer buyers more value, but they will gladly pay more for the new hopeful feeling a renovated home creates. Ask any real estate agent or experienced home seller and they will enthusiastically confirm that cosmetic touches significantly improve final sale price.

2) Pre-Sale Services are Invested in Your Final Sell Price

Many home sellers worry that the improvements they make will not actually have as big an impact as they planned. You may be concerned that your paint colors aren’t really optimal or that the new tile design in the kitchen won’t be as enchanting to buyers as you theorized. That is another thing pre-sale services can help you with. Because they specialize in home sales and don’t’ ask for pay until your home sells, pre-sale services are deeply invested in making sure their improvements increase your final home selling speed and price.

You can count on pre-sale services to know the best wall colors this year, how to make your kitchen pop for home cooking enthusiasts, and what will enhance your home in every way in the eyes of your buyers. Unlike normal contractors, pre-sale services make sure that the improvements made will absolutely improve your home’s standing in this year’s market and increase the final sale price.

3) Improvements Don’t Cut Into Your Savings

Finally, pre-sale home improvement services know that not every seller has the out-of-pocket budget for pre-sale improvements. By following the example of real estate agents and waiting until after the sale to be paid, pre-sale improvement services ensure that you don’t have to cut into your savings to get the best possible sale price for your house. And their services go the extra mile so that you earn a tidy profit above and beyond the cost of renovations, making it worthwhile for everyone involved.

There are many ways to tackle your pre-sale home improvements. From DIY to construction contractors and everything in between. But if you’re not a staging expert and don’t want to pay out of pocket for improvements before selling, this is a great solution. If you’re not sure how to approach the improvement and staging tasks ahead of you, contact us today. Our real estate team will be glad to consult on your listing.


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