7 Easy Tips to Help Boast the Curb Appeal of Your Florida Home

7 Easy Tips to Help Boast the Curb Appeal of Your Florida Home

The state of Florida is rife with beauty, fun and excitement, and home to a spectacular housing market. The curb appeal offered by many Florida homes welcomes you with warmth, relaxation, and just the right style. And if you’re looking to rev up your home’s curb appeal, it could be easier than you think. Here are 7 easy tips to boost the curb appeal of your Orlando home. They will ensure you reap the rewards at selling time.

1. Choose the Right Palette

When your home is in the diverse and naturally-beautiful state of Florida, you have the ideal landscape and scenery to pull inspiration from. Use these natural details around you to choose a neutral, but pleasing color palette for your home. Sandy or khaki colors are a common choice, with tropical blues or starch whites for accents like shutters, doors, or molding. These natural colors draw great appeal to the exterior of a home. This is how you can create the warmth and welcome you find in beachside, as well as tropical communities. Great colors for the outside of your home include white, turquoise blues, sunny yellows, sandy tans, and even palm greens. Florida homes with the best curb appeal have a way of showing visitors the organic, natural, and relaxing environment that surrounds them.

2. Add To Your Landscaping

One of the greatest perks of Florida living is the natural scenery. Beautiful temperatures and amazing landscape make the ideal environment for amazing, yet simple landscaping solutions. Maintaining a beautiful yard can add to the appeal and value of your home in massive ways. Potted plants and flowers like blood lilies, dahlias, or various irises can easily be added to porches and entryways. Easy-to-maintain Florida trees and shrubs like the palmetto, firebush, and even pineapple guava can add shade, style, and even privacy to your property. Natural, green elements add warmth and personality to any home while providing onlookers with an incredible first impression. Gardening, planting, and taking care of your yard can prove to be simple projects that pay off immensely.

3. Accent With Intricate Details

Weathered shutters or shingles, wood and timber planks, rocking chairs, stone elements, outdoor pillows of blues and whites, and shells from the ocean are just a few of the ways you can add little elements to your home to amp up its curb appeal. Anything related to the ocean can be added to bring the beautiful nature surrounding you right to your front door. Consider furniture and decor that is warm and inviting. Be sure to include some textures like wood, stone, and more. Don’t forget about the finer details of curb appeal either, like your mailbox, address number, and even door knobs. These small details can bring together an entire design and make a great first impression on visitors, buyers, and realtors alike.

4. Focus On a Beautiful Walkway or Fence

Nothing says welcome quite like a unique fence or walkway. So if you’re looking to add warmth to your smaller Orlando getaway, consider adding a delicate fence. For larger retreats, an open yard with all the right natural details may be more appealing. Fenced-in yards can even add value at resale. Any Florida home, however, needs a good walkway. Whether you choose to use brick, natural stone, or even wooden planks, an easy-to-create walkway adds beauty, dimension, and warmth to any home. Simply remove areas of grass/yard and replace with your favorite option. And for even more style, consider creating a path that is winding, uneven, and just as unique as the Orlando community.

5. Porches Are a Necessity in Florida Living

There is nothing better for a Florida home than a porch where you can sit and drink your tea or lemonade. Whether it’s just enough for a rocking chair or an extensive, wrap-around porch, there’s no point in having a Florida home if you have nowhere to sit and enjoy it. Front porches on Florida homes match the inviting atmosphere of the neighborhood. They also provide an excellent focus in your home’s curb appeal. Simple porch projects like refinishing or replacing materials, extending the porch’s dimensions, adding an awning or covering, and even just adding ornamental details can help provide the exterior of your home with massive curb appeal. Also, consider the items that go on your porch as well. Comfortable furniture, ample lighting, and beautiful decor can set your entry apart from the others.

6. Lighting Is Everything

Many people can forget the finer details of a home’s curb appeal. And since you may be looking at the exterior of your home mostly during the day, you may not take too much time to consider lighting. Exterior home lighting should make visitors want to stay and match the natural, relaxing atmosphere and personality of the home. Try replacing or adding overhead lights, hanging lights, post lanterns, or wall-mounted lights in themed designs and colors. Wood, stone, and even galvanized metals make great lighting options for tropical homes. Lights can provide warmth at your front door, on your porch, or even on walkways and driveways. Even ceiling fans with paddle arms and gentle, overhead lighting can add function and beauty to the exterior of your home.

7. Make a Big Change With Your Front Door

A home’s front door says a lot about the home and it’s usually one of the first impressions someone gets. In fact, research shows that your door color can increase (or decrease) your chances of a quick sale. For an easy way to change and update the curb appeal of your Orlando home, trying painting your existing front door a new color or replacing the door altogether. Bright colors may match the relaxing, down-home feel of Florida water, while broad, double doors can help provide a sense of luxury that only Orlando living can provide. For materials or colors, try dark beautiful woods or classic whites and tans for a traditional home. For a bit of flare, try a bolder door in turquoise blue or even sunny yellow.


Whether you’re looking to add some personality and value to your Florida home or trying to appeal to more buyers on the market, creating better curb appeal doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact the knowledgeable professionals here at LIVUrbanscape to see how we can help you with all of your Orlando realty needs!


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