Clean Sweep: Staging and Selling A House After Renovations

Clean Sweep: Staging and Selling A House After Renovations

When you’re renovating a home, preparing it to be sold is almost as important as the improvements you made in the lead-up. In order to get the best price, you want buyers to feel that the home is a new construction put up just for them. Even if you’re selling the historical charm of an older house, home buyers don’t often want to think about anyone living in the home before them unless they want a ghost story. Which means that signs of your work — the paint cans and boxes of nails — need to completely disappear before your staging is truly complete.

Today, we’re here to talk about tips on how to add that final polish to a renovated home by making sure every scrap of your hard work has been removed. All your buyers will see are beautiful floors and fresh paint.

Take Inventory

The first step is to take inventory of the tools and supplies you have been using. If you know you have two hammers but have only packed one away, the other is probably still somewhere in the house. Make a list of all the supplies you know you have for sure, use receipts if possible, and use this to keep track of all your supplies that have been collected and removed from the house.

Do a Full Sweep of the House

Once you have your list, do a full sweep of the house checking everywhere you can see and quickly think of. Train your eye to stop ignoring the things that have become normal do you, especially if you had been living in the house during your flip. Remember to grab the towel you use to dry cleaned paintbrushes by the sink, your bar of soap in the shower, the drop-cloth you put over the washer-dryer set. Aim for totally clear surfaces and floors.

Check All the Utility Spaces

Next, take a look at the utility storage spaces in the home. Large and small. Check the attic to make sure nothing of yours (or a previous resident’s) is still up there. The utility closet, the broom and linen closets, the corners of the laundry room, and the pantry should be empty. Check under every sink, on top of every high shelf, and behind doors. You’ll probably find at least a few more forgotten items.

Polish Behind Yourself

When you’ve cleared everything possible out of the house, polish after yourself. Work tools tend to come with dust, paint flecks, and the like so there may be a few spots of dust or smudges left behind. Eliminate them all by doing a polishing blitz clean behind yourself. This is the perfect time to pick out which cleaning supplies you’ll keep around for staging, and what can be loaded into the truck. Wipe the counters, polish the windows, and swiffer the floors for best results. If you haven’t steam-cleaned the carpets yet, do.

Inspect the Yard

One of the most common places for flippers to forget their tools or supplies is in the yard. The gardening gloves you left drying on the porch rail, the muddy boots by the back door, the rake around the side of the house. These are classic overlooked home improvement signs. Of course, you could always use them as staging props if that works with your design. Just don’t forget to collect them eventually.

Storing Your Staging Supplies

As you wrap up, pick out a few things you plan to store in the house during the staging phase. It’s important to remember that giving tours can make a house a little dirty, so you want to be able to re-polish the windows, surfaces, and floors as needed. Set aside the supplies you need for this and store them in a locked out of the way area. Buyers will feel odd coming across your supplies in a tour, so make sure they don’t.

Finally, you may also consider storing a few cans of the paint you used in the garage or utility closet, along with a small brush. This will allow you to quickly repair any scuffs that might occur. And, believe it or not, buyers do appreciate having a can of paint that matches their home so they don’t have to color-match when they inevitably cause a scuff later on.

Renovating a home to sell is an exciting time. In order to give your potential buyers the best possible chance to fall in love with the home, make sure to remove all the signs that you were recently performing improvements. Let your buyers feel like they are the very first people to ever live in the home. For more great tips on how to flip a home, contact us today!


Jon Wood

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